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L U C Y  J A M E S

Founder of Jam Street Music Sessions


Lucy is currently organizing Jam Street and doing administration from Switzerland. She is teaching online only.

Teaches bands, private voice and piano, theory, ear-training, artist development, songwriting and performance. Has 20 years of experience songwriting, performing and recording. She has her B.Ed. and Music Diploma in piano and songwriting, and 15 years of teaching experience.


M I K E  M O G G

Head Instructor 

Mike takes enormous joy in sharing his love of music with his students and the community. He currently teaches and runs the music program at Prince Albert Collegiate, where he was the first teacher in the division to offer the Garage Band course. With three decades of music experience, Mike has worked with a number of different instruments and has helped develop a number of musicians who are currently working in the industry and on tour.

Teaches band and private guitar and bass. 

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